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Want to know the unknowns?

Download the following whitepapers full of tips on buying, designing, and the characteristics of LED


Crimson AV puts the knowLEDge in LED.

If you don't know LED, work with someone that does
  • At the LED Experts Group, our mission is end-user satisfaction guided by a professional integrator.

  • Our motto is “Pay no more than you should and no less than you need to”.

  • We put the integrator back in control of the project.

  • Our proprietary vetted partner approach balances out products, performance, serviceability and price which equates to more value for our partners.

  • LED Experts Group is an extension of Crimson AV.

If you don’t know LED, work with someone who does.

LED — its as easy as 1,2,3! We provide the knowLEDge and answers!

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Beyond doing your homework, we want you to pass the LED test! Download these whitepapers full of tips on buying, designing, and the characteristics of LED.

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Whitepaper downloads

LED Project Design

Best Practices (from pixel pitch to full implementation)

Understand Certifications

from UL, FCC, CE, etc.

Assessing the Quality of Components

LED types and grades, wiring – gold and copper, circuitry, etc.

Types of LED “Construction” Explained

SMD, COB, 4 in 1, GOB, Micro-LED